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What is ApostropheCMS?

ApostropheCMS is a modern, open source, content management system. It's JavaScript from front to back, with a Vue.js user interface and Node.js on the server. Importantly, it has everything you might want from a modern CMS, including:

  • a headless API built-in
  • a field schema API to create any kind of content types you need
  • extensibility through a module ecosystem
  • a great UI for creating content, including in-context editing
  • robust localization to support any number of language or locale content variations

For developers, it offers a site building API that gives you the power to fully customize the website experience without needing to be a Node.js expert. For content editors, the true WYSIWYG experience supports improved editorial flow.

In short, it recognizes pain points on both sides of the CMS experience and relieves them.

Give it a test run

Please try the Apostrophe demo for yourself if you haven't yet. That hands-on experience will provide valuable context as you learn about building with Apostrophe. Take notice of key features, including:

  • in-context editing
  • switching between "Published" and "Draft" modes
  • content creation through the admin menu