Apostrophe DevOps

apostrophe-pieces-editor-modal (browser)

Inherits from: apostrophe-modal‚Äč

An editor modal for creating and updating pieces. An instance of this modal is created each time you click "Add" or click to edit an existing piece. Relies on apostrophe-schemas to edit the fields.




Make sure the field indicated by options.field is initially visible

edit(_id, callback)


open(verb, data, callback)

populate(piece, callback)

beforePopulate(piece, callback)

afterPopulate(piece, callback)



Calls getErrorMessage with result.status and passes the returned string to apos.notify. This method is a good candidate for overrides because it has access to the entire result object. Invoked when result.status is not ok.

getErrorMessage(err, result)

beforeConvert(piece, callback)

afterConvert(piece, callback)

displayResponse(result, callback)

Update the display in response to this item being saved.

If the piece is brand new and the server provided a _url property and set contextual: true for this type of piece, or the piece has been updated and apos.pages.piece._id (the in-context piece) matches the id of the piece just edited, go to _url.

In any case, the main content area is refreshed and the manage view, if open, refreshes its list (apos.change is invoked). This will all make sense if the URL hasn't changed, and do no harm if it has.


trash($el, next)

rescue($el, next)



Save this modal, then open a new modal to create a new piece of this type that starts out as a copy of the current piece

displayResponse(result, callback)