Apostrophe DevOps

apostrophe-notifications (browser)

Inherits from: apostrophe-context‚Äč


trigger(message, options)

Call with a message, followed by any interpolated strings which must correspond to %s placeholders in message (variable number of arguments), followed by an options object if desired.

options.type styles the notification and may be set to error, warn or success. If not set, a "plain" default style is used.

If options.dismiss is set to true, the message will auto-dismiss after 5 seconds. If it is set to a number of seconds, it will dismiss after that number of seconds. Otherwise it will not dismiss unless clicked.

This method is aliased as apos.notify for convenience.

The message is internationalized by the server, which is why the use of %s placeholders for any inserted titles, etc. is important.



Display a notification received from the server. You want apos.notify, not this method, unless you are overriding how notifications are displayed.




dismiss($notification, fromServer)