Apostrophe DevOps


Inherits from: apostrophe-module‚Äč


emailForModule(req, templateName, data, options, module, callback)

Implements the email method available in all modules.

See apostrophe-module for coverage of the email method that every module has. You won't need to call emailForModule directly.

getContent(req, templateName, data, options, module)

Compute the content of the email. This is an interesting override point to add properties that will be passed to nodemailer transport when sending the email.

getTransport(req, data, options)

Fetch the nodemailer-compatible transport object, that is going to be used to send the email. It may be a convenient override point to decide which transport to use according to the parameters passed. The default implementation creates a transport via nodemailer.createTransport on the first call, passing it the value of the nodemailer option configured for the apostrophe-email module. If there is none, a fatal error is thrown.