ApostropheCMS Documentation

ApostropheCMS was created to bring happiness and productivity to web developers and content editors. It is used around the world by companies of all sizes to build and manage mission critical websites
ApostropheCMS as an editor


Our tutorials cover everything you need to know to get started as an Apostrophe developer. Everyone should start here. Our tutorials are progressive, so you can learn as you go. The Getting Started tutorial is a good place to.. get.. started

Technical Overviews

Our technical overviews are ideal for pros who want to understand our decisions and philosophy.

Module Reference

Our module reference provides complete coverage of Apostrophe's modules and their related object types. Each module provides a particular feature, often including both front and back end code.

Promise Events

Need to hook into the life cycle of Apostrophe's documents and pages? Apostrophe emits "promise events" when documents are saved, when pages are rendered, and more. Read the Promise Events Reference

Nunjucks Filters

Apostrophe is powered by the Nunjucks template language, which is compatible with Jinja and Twig. In addition to many helper functions, Apostrophe provides additional Nunjucks "filters" to transform data for output. Read the Nunjucks Reference


Working with Apostrophe, there are a lot of a terms and ideas to keep track of. If you need a quick reference or come across an unfamiliar term, check the glossary for a detailed explanation. Read the Glossary

More on Modules

You've met the core modules that ship in the apostrophe npm module. But there are more. And you can create more. Discover and create Apostrophe modules

Core Server

The core apos object on the server orchestrates the whole dance. Learn about the core

Core Browser

The browser has an apos object too. tying it all together. Learn about the core